3 common misconceptions about cloud-based emr systems

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With the potential for human error when using a paper medical record system, the common trend is to move toward making all patient health records into an electronic format or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems.

Moving even further forward, clinic EMR software is now stored in a cloud-based system. The term cloud-based means resources are available on demand via the Internet from a cloud-computing server.

Since cloud-based EMR systems are a newer methodology for storing data, there can be some misconceptions about how they work and their benefits.

1. Cloud-Based Servers Are Not Secure

Medeffect Strategies cloud-based servers are safeguarded with the most up-to-date Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate, which is a secure encryption for all patient data.

This protection helps ensure data security and defend against data breaches. Medeffect Strategies has state-of-the-art data centers that are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Also, all of their equipment features biometric scanners and lock and key control access.

You can process your data accurately and promptly and protect it from loss by performing regular automatic back-ups. The operating system and security patches are downloaded routinely to protect data.

2. EMRs Are an Expensive Investment

The lack of awareness of cost when it comes to cloud-based EMR systems is because many people are unaware of the system and have not had exposure to it.

Vendors of EMR systems, like Medeffect Strategies, provide physicians with the option to implement cloud-based EMR with a set monthly subscription rate; therefore, costs are predictable and easy to plan into a set budget.

Using a cloud-based system also means you are not expected to maintain the servers for your clinic. You can leave the work to the experts.

That way you do not have to purchase or maintain a server, external hard drives, or any kind of expensive hardware.

Through Medeffect’s system, you leave room on your computers because you do not have to have memory-hogging software installed on your computer.

3. Using an Electronic, Cloud-Based EMR Requires Extensive It Knowledge

With Medeffect Strategies, they are “taking care of YOUR business.”  This means their systems and staff are maintaining the IT side of the business for you. They maintain all of the servers and external hard drives.

As your practice grows, you can add more cloud-based resources. Medeffect Strategies solutions adapt to the ever-changing insurance industry.

Medeffect takes care of security and data monitoring. They also take care of back-ups all while allowing your business to monitor usage.

Ultimately, a partnership with Medeffect Strategies allows your clinic to focus on patient care. Let Medeffect take care of your IT!

We Can Help

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Schedule a free practice analysis with Medeffect Strategies so you can see how their solutions can benefit your practice.

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