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Are you ready to upgrade your medical practice’s EMR setup? If so, you’ll notice there are generally two types of EMR systems: cloud-based and client-server. What are the main differences between the two?

Cloud-based: The cloud stores and manages your software and data on third-party servers by a third-party provider such as MedEffect Strategies.
Client-server: The server stores your software and data, and your IT departments manage it.
Although switching to any online EMR system is a huge upgrade in and of itself, there are many advantages to choosing a cloud-based EMR that is managed by a third-party software provider. Let’s look at the six main advantages.

1. Cost-Effective

By paying a predictable, set monthly fee to a third-party software provider, you don’t have to purchase or maintain a server, external hard drives, or any expensive hardware.

There is no memory-hogging software to install on your computers, as all your software resides on their servers and includes upgrades and routine enhancements.

More importantly, you do not need to keep an in-house IT specialist on your payroll for server maintenance.

2. Accessible and Mobile

Your patient data is instantly and always available via the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your patients can access files and information easily at any time from anywhere with any web-based, mobile device with Internet access.

Also, medical providers can manage patient care when they’re away from the physical office, optimizing your patient’s accessibility to your practice.

3. Scalable and Flexible

As your practice grows, you can add more cloud-based resources where and when they’re needed.

The third-party software provider has expertise in this space and can manage licensing fees and monitor bandwidth usage, expanding resources and changing customized tools as needed.

4. Secure

Software providers maintain and monitor their data centers around the clock, 365 days a year, for their clients.

Clients will find comfort knowing that their patient data will be safeguarded with the most up-to-date SSL (secure encryption) technology to ensure data security and protect from data breaches.

5. Automated Back-Ups

Data stored on third-party servers are processed in a timely and accurate manner and then protected from loss by automatic, regularly-scheduled back-ups offsite, ensuring your system is running efficiently and optimally.

Also, the EMR downloads the operating system and security patches, further ensuring your patient’s data.

6. Meaningful Use

With a flexible platform, cloud technology also helps you meet Meaningful Use requirements.

By switching to a cloud-based EMR system, your practice will qualify for valuable Stage 1 and 2 “meaningful use” incentives. These incentives include Medicare and Medicaid bonuses and ensure maximum reimbursement from insurance.

MedEffect Can Help With Your EMR System Upgrade!

At MedEffect Strategies, we have a suite of cloud-based solutions devoted to EMR. These solutions have robust business intelligence reporting capabilities that we can customize for your specific needs.

For more information on our EMR solutions or to schedule a third-party audit of your front- and back-office processes, contact us today! So, let us take care of your business so you can get back to taking care of your patients.

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