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Is your practice or hospital struggling to manage your accounts receivable? Is it becoming a burden for your existing staff and consuming too much time? MedEffect Strategies’ accounts receivable management services can help you stay on top of your accounts, managing both large and small accounts. While the majority of your focus is on your most lucrative payers, and rightfully so, you cannot afford to ignore the smaller accounts, as denied claims from these payers can add up over time. Missed appeals and filing deadlines mean lost revenue. Our practice management consultants can help your accounts receivable staff manage these low balance claims and collect outstanding balances – both from payers and patients. We simply serve as an extension of your accounts receivable department, working with your team to help resolve outstanding issues and improve your A/R process.

"The experience with us from a practice management billing standpoint has been absolutely the best, compared to many other products we have used in the market."

Our accounts receivable management services can help your practice number of ways:

We understand how difficult it can be to manage all your accounts receivable. And with the transition to ICD-10 and inevitable increase in denied claims, it’s not going to get any easier. With our help, you can continue to focus on your high-priority accounts while we take care of the smaller, lower-priority balances. Once we clean up the backlog of old accounts, we will continue to manage them so they don’t accumulate again.
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We customize a solution based on your current workflows and processes so that don’t have to change a thing.