Medical Billing & Coding Software & Solutions


Making Complicated Billing & Coding Simple

Medical billing and coding claims are complex, and getting more so every day. Let us show you how MedEffect Strategies can simplify the process with our cutting-edge medical billing and coding software. MedEffect Strategies offers complete medical billing services including full charge entry, payment posting, detailed accounts receivable follow up with insurance companies, monthly online status reports, 24 hour claims processing, patient reminder calls, customized dedicated voicemail and fax lines, and an individual account representative to manage your account and who serves as a single point of contact.
Faster Payments
Our medical billing & coding software can also reduce your in-house costs by as much as 50 percent while at the same time reducing the average wait time for payment from 120 days down to just two weeks.
Fewer Denials
Did you know that as many as one in three medical claims are denied, on average? Reduce that rate to as low as 2% with our medical billing services, which allow you to verify patient eligibility in real time, eliminating costly errors and lost revenue.

"The experience with us from a practice management billing standpoint has been absolutely the best, compared to many other products we have used in the market."

Real-Time Reporting with our Medical Billing & Coding Software

Our medical billing & coding solution’s real-time reporting feature allows you to track the status of your medical billing and coding claims easily and in real time.

Easy to Use

Our medical billing & coding software is compatible with any web-based phone, tablet, or computer, and its intuitive and easy-to-use interface frees you up to focus on your patients, not on paperwork.

The advantages are clear:

We customize a solution based on your current workflows and processes so that don’t have to change a thing.