Medical Coding Audit & Compliance Services

Coding Audit & Compliance Services

Are coding errors costing you?

Are billing and coding errors costing you? Find out with our medical coding audit and compliance services. Our certified coders review and analyze your billing and reimbursement procedures, identify errors, recommend corrective action, and provide you with detailed reports showing you exactly where you are losing money and how to avoid the same mistakes in the future. After the transition to ICD-10, this is more important than ever.
Protect your organization, maximize your legitimate reimbursement, achieve unparalleled levels of compliance, and minimize exposure to RAC/MIC/MAC/CERT/PAYOR audits with our professional auditing services.

"The experience with us from a practice management billing standpoint has been absolutely the best, compared to many other products we have used in the market."

medical coding audit & compliance services
How our medical coding audit & compliance services can help your practice
Get started with our medical billing and coding audit services today. Contact MedEffect Strategies to learn how our medical practice management consultants can help you save money!
Protect Against Audits
Identify Charting Errors
Stop Under-billing
Improve Reimbursement
Implement Corrective Actions
Review Detailed Reports
Receive Personal, Expert Review

We customize a solution based on your current workflows and processes so that don’t have to change a thing.