The ultimate outsourcing cheat sheet for medical providers

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Are you still stuck in your clinic trying to figure out how to streamline your billing processes while your colleagues are out playing golf? Is the business side of your practice draining your energy and resources?

Trying to DIY your back-office operations may be causing you more than you think. Have you considered outsourcing these operations you weren’t trained to do nor enjoy doing?

Even huge multi-national companies have been outsourcing different aspects of their operations around the globe. So why aren’t you?

Here are some insights about outsourcing that may help you decide whether it’s right for you.

Your Business Model

The International Organization for Standardization defines outsourcing as a business model for the delivery of a product or service to a client by a provider, as an alternative to the provision of those products or services in the client organization where:

  • The outsourcing process is based on a sourcing decision (make or buy)
  • Resources can be transferred to the provider
  • The provider is responsible for delivering outsourced services for an agreed period
  • The services can be transferred from an existing provider to another
  • The client is accountable for the outsourced services and the provider is responsible for performing them


There are three reasons for doing so:

  • Add value.
  • Tap into a resource base.
  • Mitigate risk.


1. Adding Value

You want to make your processes easy for your patients and your staff. By updating your medical billing and electronic management system, your patient can schedule appointments, and the system can conduct real-time insurance eligibility verification.

You save yourself and your patient the headache of dealing with insurance claim denials. Your enhanced system will be able to generate a claim as soon as you enter your diagnosis and procedure codes.

These automatically convert to the HIPAA standard claim format, making the job easy for your billing specialist.

Cloud-based technology is:

  • Cost-effective
  • Accessible
  • Mobile
  • Scalable
  • Flexible

With a flexible platform, this technology helps you meet Meaningful Use Requirements.

2. Tapping Into a Resource Base

According to The Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey 2018:

“While cost optimization is still a critically important criterion for outsourcing, it is no longer at the top of the list (nor even in the top five), since disruptive outsourcing, when executed well, can deliver competitive advantage by transforming the way organizations operate, and making them more agile, efficient, and effective.”

Disruptive outsourcing is a shift from “traditional work transfer to upfront transformation and automation.”

Because of this revolutionary method of operation, organizations “work smarter, scale faster, reach new markets, increase productivity, and gain competitive advantage.”

3. Mitigating Risk

Some practitioners are concerned about cyber risks with outsourcing. Although you should not ignore such risks, the same risks may apply to an inefficient system that creates:

  • Tons of paper trails
  • Undue red tape processing
  • Human errors

They are ways to mitigate risks with more efficient systems. Organizations address cyber risks by enforcing data risk/security protocols contractually and conducting periodic evaluations.

What are the valuable lessons these organizations learned from outsourcing?

  • Spend more time in selecting your service provider
  • Use a competitive bidding process
  • Increase the scope of service
  • Transform the entire process rather than simply lifting and shifting
  • Spend more time in transition and service integration

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